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Professional Upholstery Cleaning

If you are like most home or business owners, you likely have many different upholstered surfaces in your home. From chairs and sofas to other items, these furnishings can help add warmth and comfort to any space. However, just like any other plush service, these can become dirty and unsanitary after years of use. If you have noticed the upholstered surfaces in your home or business have seen better days or if they have a funky odor, now is the time to contact our upholstery cleaning service. We offer professional solutions for modern problems. With our Niagara upholstery cleaning services, you can feel confident all your upholstered services will smell and look great now and in the future.

Upholstery Care and Maintenance

You can count on our team of professional and experienced upholstery cleaners to know how to clean upholstery, and how to ensure it looks and smells great. Once our team is done, your furniture and other items will look like new and be ready for your family or client to use for years to come.

​Are you ready to learn more about our upholstery services? Do you have questions about the solutions we offer? If so, contact us today. Our team can answer your questions and provide you with a free estimate for service. We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction and want to help you get the clean, great looking upholstered surfaces you want and deserve. Niagara Carpet Cleaning & Service is here for you!

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