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A carpet is a fabric made from one or more twisted yarns. The carpet's pile or its unique napped and carpet back surface creates a microclimate in the room where it is placed, conditioning it for human comfort and protection against unwanted noise transference. 

Most carpet consists of these two layers: the "face fibre", which forms the carpet's visible surface, and the "backing", which protects the carpet fibres from external wear and tear.

But carpeting is much more than just carpet fibres. A carpet's performance in regulating sound, heat, moisture, and pollutants makes it an ideal floor covering for your home. As carpet ages, however, its ability to perform these functions declines.

If you have pets or small children, the carpet fibres will be exposed to more wear and tear and will begin to show signs of damage. You might notice this for yourself if your carpet does not last forever. At some point, it will be necessary to replace the carpet. If your carpet is old and worn out, has stains, or is just plain dirty, carpet replacement may be necessary.

Here are some of the signs that your home's carpet needs to be changed:

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Sign #1: Your carpet fibres are matted down

In a carpet, the tips of the carpet fibres lie in the same direction and point in one general area. This adds texture to the carpet and is called "the nap". When you put weight on your carpet, it flattens the carpet's nap area. 

If you walk across a carpet more than is necessary, these flattened areas become permanent with time. Eventually, these flattened areas look darker than other carpet parts where the nap still points upward. This is because dirt and carpet fibres absorb sunlight differently.

Carpet replacement is necessary if your carpet does not have a suitable pile height. Most carpet needs a minimum of 6 oz., 1/12 inch thick fibre. So if your carpet has 1/8 inch carpet fibres, carpet replacement is necessary.

Sign #2: You see signs of mould or mildew

Even if no one in your household has allergies, there is a chance that your carpet might be harbouring allergens such as dust mites and mould spores under its surface. Carpet acts like a magnet for these allergens. When a carpet is not cleaned regularly, it becomes a breeding ground for allergens. 

One sign of high levels of mould and mildew is the carpet warping. If carpet is not dried correctly after a spill, it can be a perfect place for mould spores to grow. 

In addition, the carpet's backing can also be affected by exposure to moisture. When a carpet is not dried quickly, it starts absorbing water and becomes heavy, which causes the carpet's backing to stretch and break. This leads to carpet bubbling or puckering. So carpet replacement is necessary.

Sign #3: Your carpet becomes stained easily

Unfortunately, the carpet is not stain-resistant. If your carpet is already stained or dirty, the chances are that it will require professional carpet cleaning to remove the stains. Sometimes, however, simply carpet cleaning won't do the trick. 

In carpeting, when a carpet has been exposed to a large amount of dirt and grime over a long period, it might be time to replace your carpet instead of trying to clean it yourself.

Sign #4: Significant wear shows in high traffic areas

If you have pets at home or you frequently have guests over, there is a good chance that you have carpeting in high-traffic areas such as living rooms and hallways. You might notice visible wear on these carpeted areas, such as carpet fibres beginning to fray and carpeting becoming discoloured.

Carpets wear out because of foot traffic and furniture. If your carpet does not have the correct pile height, you'll find it wears out quickly. If carpet experts professionally install your carpet, its expected lifespan should be about ten years. Still, if it has been moved several times or the installer cut corners, you will probably need carpet replacement sooner. 

Another factor is carpet construction; even quality carpets can't last long if constructed for light commercial use rather than home living conditions.

Sign #5: Your carpet is older than eight years old

The carpet materials themselves can last up to eight years, but this does not mean that your carpet will need replacement just because it has been in place for that long. 

If you have only recently installed carpet from a brand new roll of carpet, then the chances are that your carpet might still be under warranty for some time. Only replace your carpet if the signs mentioned above start to accumulate rapidly.

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